Courseplay FS22

Courseplay FS22

The Courseplay mod has been around for several Farming Simulator games, including Farming Simulator 22, where it has become one of the most popular mods available. Its usefulness and entertainment value have earned it regular use by thousands of players. For those seeking to learn more about Courseplay for FS22, this FS22 Courseplay tutorial provides a comprehensive guide.

What is FS22 Courseplay?

The versatile FS22 Courseplay mod offers a wide range of functions, including various modes that will be explored further below. Its primary purpose is to assist players in efficiently managing their farms by deploying vehicles to perform a variety of automated tasks. By issuing commands to these vehicles, users can save time and effort that would otherwise be spent doing these tasks manually.

The Different Modes of Courseplay FS22

Fieldwork: The core element of the game is undoubtedly the fieldwork mode, which involves cultivating and preparing the land. Although it may appear straightforward, performing fieldwork in irregularly shaped fields can be challenging. However, Courseplay eliminates this issue, as the mod utilizes intricate calculations to provide accurate results. By using this mod, players can effortlessly achieve flawless fieldwork outcomes.

Combi: FS22 Courseplay’s combi mode is an extensively utilized feature that enables users to effortlessly record a passage from their field to the desired delivery location for their goods. Once the course is set, the worker will autonomously handle the remaining tasks.

Grain Transport: Similar to the combi mode mentioned earlier, this mode concentrates on grain transport exclusively, rather than various crops.

Transfer Mode: The transfer mode in Courseplay is perhaps the easiest to use as it permits users to record a travel path for workers to move to and from.

Overloader: With the Overloader feature, the grain transport mode is elevated to a more realistic level. It introduces an Auger wagon that unloads the combine and transfers the grain into a pre-positioned transport truck.

Fertilizing/Seeding Mode: This mode closely resembles fieldwork, except that it concentrates solely on the fertilization and seeding procedures.

Fill and Empty Shovel: Another extremely beneficial mode in Courseplay is the ability for users to set a route for equipment to fill up and unload goods at selling points.

Combine Self Unloading: With this mode, users can establish a route from the field’s edge to the transport trucks. The combine will then follow this route, unloading the contents into the truck once it’s full, before resuming its regular operations.

How to Install Courseplay FS22?

You can download FS22 Courseplay for free online, although you do have the option to support the developers with donations. These download links can be accessed on the FS22 Courseplay GitHub page. GitHub is a widely-used website where developers showcase their creations, and you can find a variety of mods for Farming Simulator 22 there.

Simply navigate to the GitHub Courseplay FS22 page, where you can install the mod with ease. Although the setup process should not take too much time, becoming accustomed to the mod may require some patience. Nonetheless, it is well worth the effort as Courseplay is an incredibly useful mod that is worth mastering.

Follow these steps:

  • Search Courseplay mod in the search field.
  • Secondly, download the mod:
  • Press the button that says: “Download MOD”
  • Then follow the link that says “Download ZIP”. By doing this you should be able to get the file named on your computer. One thing to remember – don’t save the file into your mods folder.
  • After that, you have to unzip your File. Just using a program such as 7-zip will work perfectly well for this.
  • Open the folder: (courseplay-master & courseplay-master.) You should see a lot of files (folders and LUA files.)
  • Start with selecting them all.
  • Afterward, right-click with your mouse and choose “Send to” & “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

By doing this your zipped archive will receive a random name. It’s important that you change it:

  • Select the file, then click on “F2” on your keyboard.
  • Type in the name you want to have, e.g., “FS22_Courseplay_beta”.
  • Rename the zip file.

Next step – copy the file ( and paste it to your FS22 mods folder.

Don’t Forget these points:

  • Your mod is currently in Beta. This means that bugs can appear and not all of the functionality will be there at first.
  • It’s important that you get your mods from the Github page. By doing that you will make sure that you download the latest version.

– Coming Soon –

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