FS22 Follow Me

FS22 Follow Me

Although not all Farming Simulator mods are widely recognized and favored by the community, a select few have gained immense popularity among modding enthusiasts. A prime example of this is the FS22 Follow Me mod. The reasons for the Follow Me mod FS22’s popularity are numerous and varied, making it a must-have for many Farming Simulator 22 players. Keep reading to discover what makes this mod so beloved and why it has become such a hit.

What is the Follow Me Mod for Farming Simulator 22?

The utility offered by FS22 Follow Me is highly beneficial to Farming Simulator players. With this impressive mod, you can create a convoy of vehicles, assigning a lead vehicle that you can control while the others follow closely behind. This feature proves particularly useful in situations requiring multiple vehicles at a single location, allowing you to avoid the time-consuming task of transporting them one by one.

The controls for using Follow Me FS22 are listed and incredibly easy to master, making this mod a breeze to use. After installing the mod, you can easily adjust to having multiple vehicles follow you around. Moreover, you can even use FS22 Follow Me in multiplayer servers, provided all other players have also installed the mod. This enables FS22 Follow Me multiplayer, making the mod all the more enjoyable. To download and use the mod, simply visit the FS22 Follow Me GitHub page.

Quick FS22 Follow Me Guide

For the mod to function, a lead vehicle is required, which can be the one you are driving. Once the lead vehicle is set, simply drive the other vehicles close enough to the rear of the leader to establish the trail. Finally, press Right Ctrl + F on your keyboard to activate the following mechanism.

If you’re having trouble activating Farming Simulator 22 Follow Me, try driving the follow-vehicle even closer to the lead vehicle. Alternatively, you can attempt to move the leading vehicle forward a few meters to establish a stronger connection.

An AI worker-driven vehicle can also serve as the leader for the mod. However, it’s advisable to set up all the followers prior to deploying the artificial driver.

When you want to stop following the leader, just press Right Ctrl + F once more to disengage.

Set the Distance

It’s wise to set a proper distance for the follower before you start driving. Or before you activate the worker or Courseplay. If you’re in the vehicle that shall follow, this is done with Right Ctrl + W (closer) and Right Ctrl + S (further behind.)

It’s also possible to adjust the distance from the lead vehicle. Turn around to look at the follower. Then press Right Shift + W or Right Shift + S to set the distance.

Note: that it’s doable to have the following vehicle driving ahead of the leader.

To the Sides

Another useful feature of the mod is the ability to offset the followers to the left or right. This is especially useful when you want a follower to closely follow a combine or a forage harvester. It can also expedite fieldwork operations.

When inside the machine that shall follow, Right Ctrl + A offsets it to the left, while Right Ctrl + D does the trick for right side following.

When you press Right Ctrl + X now, the following vehicle will get back behind the leader. Pressing Right Ctrl + X once more, makes the follower switch to the opposite side.

To commandthe followers from the leading machine, just use the Right Shift buttoninstead of Right Ctrl.

And more …

The aboveguide should get you started with the FS22 Follow Me addon for Farming Simulator 22. There are a couple of other commands that can be useful, especially if you’redriving the leading tractor or truck:

  • First, there’s Right Shift + H – This makes the follower hold or resume following.
  • Then, there’s Right Shift + F – Using this command disengage the follower completely.

The rest isup to your imagination. There are tons of things you can do with this mod, like…

– Coming Soon –

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