Giants Editor FS22

Giants Editor FS22 - Giants Editor 9 - Farming Simulator 22 Giants Editor

Giants Editor 9 – Farming Simulator 22

– Support for Farming Simulator 22 i3d format
– Added basic conversion of mods from Farming Simulator 19 to Farming Simulator 22
+ Converts density maps and adds new density maps
+ Converts field distance textures
+ Converts SunAdmirer, Nightlight, Nightlight2, NightIllumination onCreates to new visibility conditions
+ Replaces custom shaders
+ Converts foliages
+ Convert terrain layer attributes
+ Add new editor naming annotations for density maps and info layers
+ Several manual steps are required:
++ Convert terrain normal maps (add height channel, move smoothness channel)
++ Convert distance textures (alpha channel now is smoothness)
– Added support for i3d references
– Added “Locked Group” attribute for any node. Allows picking of locked groups instead of their children
– Added shortcut to create a “Locked Group” for the selection: Ctrl + Shift + G
– Added new mesh paint mode
– Added horizontal scrollbar to scenegraph panel
– Added mouse button function “erosion” in terrain editing panel
– Added support for windows high contrast mode in scenegraph panel
– Added a searchbar for the scenegraph
– Added separate gizmo modes (Q: combined, E: scaling, R: rotating, T: translating)
– Added first person mode
– Added prefab rating
– Fixed movement with RMB + WASD
– Added support for adding multiple audio files to an audio source
– Fixed copy/cut/paste crash when pasting in the same node that was copied/cut (cutting and undo to get the old node)
– Added possibility to edit node name with use of F2
– Added more simple geometry to create (WASD + ctrl + space + mouse to control, esc to exit)
– Added option to change various checkboxes in with multiple objects selected
– Added new option to render a translation helper grid when translating within a plane
– Added terrain layer manager to modify terrain layers
– Added dialog for editing shortcuts
– Added rectangular object selection in viewport
– Added German localization
– Fixed deletion of group nodes when undo/redo history is cleared
– Improved object selection (picking)
– Added a “Default” menu entry for View/Debug/ menu, which resets the debug view
– Added option to toggle if non-renderable objects are selectable
– Added option to toggle if splines are selectable
– Made main viewport detachable
– Added a “limit to texture” replace option for texture painting
– Fixed the viewport update for foliage when terrain sculpting
– Added snapping also in local mode for translation, rotation and scaling
– Fixed node dragging in scenegraph
– Added shortcuts to increase and decrease size of gizmo
– Added new shortcuts ALT+G, ALT+R, ALT+S to reset translation, rotation and scale
– Added CTRL+x,CTRL+c,CTRL+v support for cut, copy, paste in editor script control
– Added support for 3DConnexion SpaceMouse
– Esc exits the current paint mode
– Added option to have named drop downs for terrain detail layers
– Added option to temporarily enable grid snapping by holding ‘X’

Farming Simulator 22 is renowned for its immersive and lifelike gameplay, as well as its vast array of content and features. But perhaps the game’s greatest strength is its accessibility. Thanks to the FS22 Giants Editor, players can add personalized content to tailor the game to their individual preferences and enhance their overall experience. If you’re curious about the Farming Simulator 22 Giants Editor 9 and how it can elevate your gameplay, keep reading for more information.

What is the FS22 Giants Editor?

If you’re a fan of using mods created by other players or enjoy crafting your own, the Giants Editor 9 FS22 is a must-have program. This powerful tool offers a plethora of features and tools within the Giants Editor Farming Simulator 22, allowing players to easily incorporate mods into their gameplay. Even more exciting is the range of tools available for those interested in creating mods themselves. With the FS22 Giants Editor, anyone can design and customize content to their liking, opening up endless possibilities for enhancing the game.

It may seem too good to be true, but the Giants Editor 9 FS22 is indeed free and offers unlimited modding capabilities without any downsides. The only challenge lies in familiarizing oneself with the application and its various tools for modding and implementation. However, the official Giants Editor page on the Farming Simulator website features a comprehensive video tutorial that simplifies the learning process and makes it all a breeze.

How to Download the FS22 Giants Editor?

Getting the Giants Editor FS22 up and running is a breeze. Simply visit the official Farming Simulator website where you’ll find download links for the Giants Editor 22. You can choose to use any of these links or opt for trustworthy third-party websites that offer similar download options. Regardless of your choice, the software should be downloaded and installed in no time.

How to use FS22 Giants Editor?

With the Giants Editor 9 FS22, players have the freedom to create and explore mods made by others. The plethora of features and tools available within the Giants Editor 9 for Farming Simulator 22 allows for an incredibly immersive and engaging gaming experience. These tools even allow for the creation of unique and personalized mods. With limitless possibilities at your disposal, the FS22 Giants Editor 9 is the ultimate tool for crafting the Farming Simulator world of your dreams.

The best part? The Giants Editor 9 FS22 is entirely free of charge, and there are no downsides to using it. The sole challenge is mastering the editor, especially for beginners who might feel overwhelmed by the multitude of modding tools available. But fear not, the official Giants Editor 9 page on the Farming Simulator website has in-depth video tutorials that simplify the learning process.

Download Giants Editor v9.0.1

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